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How it works?

Go to the starting point of the Detective-Trail, which is mentioned on the Detective-Trail map (print Detective-Trail map – see “Order Detective-Trails”) or in the app. The first puzzle is already waiting there. Then follow the route descriptions. You will come across mystery posts where a puzzle awaits you. The puzzles you can solve with clues at this location. Additionaly you learn a lot of interesting and surprising facts about the corresponding city and region.

At the end you will find out if you are a master of detective by verifying the code. The verification of the code takes place either with a lock on a treasure chest (small gift in the treasure chest) or an SMS code (small gift with subsequent delivery). The four-digit code is calculated from the solutions of the mysterys.

Who pays how much?

ALL participants from 6 years of age pay the same amount for the Detective-Trail experience!
The Detective-Trails cost CHF 9/person (from 10 people CHF 8.50 per person, from 20 people CHF 8/person). Family tickets (2 adults and max. 3 children) cost CHF 32. At the end of the trail, 1 gift can be purchased per paid person.

No advance booking necessary

Participation does not require any advance registration – everyone can decide for themselves when they want to set off on Detective-Badgers mystery adventure.

Variants of Detective-Trails

Icon mit Schatztruhe

Detective-Trails with treasure chest
This Detective-Trail variant you find a treasure chest at the end. You need the four-digit code to open the treasure chest and remove your gift from the treasure chest.

Icon mit Geschenk-Nachversand

Detective-Trails with voucher
This Detective-Trail variant you receive a voucher at the end, which you can redeem against a small gift.

Icon mit Geschenk-Coupon

Detective-Trails with subsequent delivery
With this Detective-Trail variant, a small gift is sent to you by post. You need the four-digit code to request your gift by e-mail.


Detective-Trails are designed for children and adults – with support the trails can be solved from about 7 years, without support the mystery can be solved from about 14 years. The degree of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult) is different for each Detective-Trail. The difficulty is indicated in the product overview. Detective-Trails are ideal for families, clubs, couples, schools and companys.

How to do a trail with large groups?

If you want to do the trail with large groups (only possible with a printed Detective-Trail map), we recommend forming small groups of approx. 5 people. Each group starts one after the other in small time intervals (approx. 5-10 min.).


Print version in the shop

The different Detective-Trails can be completed with the help of a printed Detective-Trail map or in the app (see below). You can choose for how many people you want to buy the Detective-Trail card. Example map Detective-Trails: Example of a Detective-Trail map (in german).
A purchase of a Detective-Trail map in the webshop cannot be transferred to the app!

For some trails, the Detective-Trail map can be purchased at a local sales point (see information at the respective trail).

Would you like your own Detective-Trail?

Would you like to attract additional tourists to your destination and offer existing guests an additional (paid) experience? From CHF 3’000.- , we will be happy to create your own mystery tour for you. Contact us at: info@mycityhighlight.ch.




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